Skill Development


Project Description

“In Jammu and Kashmir , Ladakh (UT) nearly 63% population is of young people having age below 35 years. Lot of them are educated but a large numbers of them are school dropout. Unemployment in J&K ,Ladakh is big problem. In educated population a large numbers do not have proper skill to get suitable job or to start their own livelihood. The condition of school dropout is even more worst. That is why the government of J&K with the support of Union government has initiated skill development activities in very focussed manner by opening a new ministry specially for Skill Development.

In view of above our NGO considered to make some good contribution in skill development area for the urban poor and rural people. With this aim we have running 13 skill development centers across the J&K and also two centers in Ladakh (UT) for educated as well as school dropout youngsters. Though it is meant for both boys and girls but our focus will be more on girl candidates. For this we have selected a area to open Skill Development Centre which is a comfortable place to approach for both rural and urban candidates. Our NGO is also working with NSDC for development of Skill.