Project Description

J&K Youth Development Forum (JKYDF) organises tree plantation activities and inculcates the sense of responsibility among the general public especially young students across Jammu and Kashmir also in Ladakh (UT) . The name of this program is ‘Green Valley .’ JKYDF provide free saplings in schools and let the students plant and take care of those saplings. JKYDF is a leading environmental NGO in J&K and a dedicated “Green Valley “ towards protection , conservation and betterment of mother nature and humanity . our sole objective is to create a greener and better world for present and future generations and protection of forests and natural resources of J&K. We (JKYDF) are working on our various projects to nullify the environmental imbalance caused by us our society at large . We focus to develop self sustaining villages in rural areas of J&K through a green economy – a village that earns back from agroforestry and cash crops. A village that is clean & green and pollution free.